Friday, February 13, 2009

Why here? Why now?

I'm not a bridezilla. I swear I'm not. I asked my bridesmaid to slap me if I showed a hint of bridezilla.* So why the wedding blog? Well, there's some freakin' awesome wedding blogs floating about on the Interwebs. A Practical Wedding. East Side Bride. Snippet & Ink. Peonies & Polaroids. They showed me that a wedding needn't be a paint-by-numbers, or a pick'n'mix of bog-standard wedding vendor offerings.

But all these fabulous brides are halfway round the world from me. From where I live, and will be getting hitched. In the most isolated capital city in the world. Perth, Western Australia. It is a proven fact, that quaint barns and organic farms willing to host a wedding are in short supply here.** I've been finding it hard to find vendors and ideas that would translate to the South-West corner of WA. The fabulous Emmiebe at West Aussie Wedding (being not only of a person of excellent taste, but also the only Perth person I can find with a wedding blog aimed at people beyond the ceremony guestlist) has had some great finds and tips. And I thought that if she could share, so could I.

So here's to a year or so inspiring the fiances and fiancees of Dullsville to something a little different.***

PS: And the blog name? Black Swans are the State Bird of Western Australia. Nice, huh?

* My bridesmaid (The Only Bridesmaid) said "Nah, man. You go crazy. Because one day I will hopefully be a bride too, and I know that I will go power-crazy and demand complete and utter obedience from you. So you might as well take advantage of me in the same way."

** Though to be honest I haven't actually asked Highvale Biodynamic Orchard. Maybe they could sort something out for a really keen couple.

*** I do still reserve my right to stress over napkin colours, hire a limo and buy a dress from HobNob if, after looking at all my options, that's what I really want to do.


Em said...

I am so excited you have started a blog! Im dying to see all your ideas and inspriations.. and how you pull it all together (which as we know is the hard part when you live in Perth)

I find blogging really fun.. and actually easier than keeping magazine cut outs in a shoe box...

I LOVE the name of your blog.. elegant, symbolic and uniquely West Australian.. perfect!

Bonnie said...

Yay! Definitely need more Aussie blogs! I started mine out of love for other bridal blogs and frustration at the lack of local info. (not to mention the seasons are always out!)

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