Sunday, January 31, 2010

Statement necklace with a strapless gown.

This post is serving double duty: first, I adore Jess' big necklace with her strapless gown. I've been pondering wearing a big ol' vintage neckpiece, but wasn't quite sure it would work. Evidently, it does. Though I am still thinking that veil + statement necklace might be a bit much.

Secondly, I adore Jess' photos. Jess is a very popular knit-blogger, which is how I stumbled on her photos. I love, love, love how happy everyone looks in all of them, and how natural. No forced, cheesy 'we're quirky and having fun!' shots here. The photographer was Jenny Jiminez (based in Brooklyn), and you can see a few more shots over here. I'm definitely showing these to our photographer for 'inspiration'.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Surprise! It's my birthday.

I've been showing off a lot of inspiration, recently, rather than talking about my own nuptials. So I figured, now that everyone important to me has seen The Dress (yes, BCB, my family, all my girlfriends, the in-laws... I'm no good with secrets) I'd show it off here. It's my birthday gift to you, dear readers!

When I started gown-shopping I wanted modern, unusual, maybe some lace or beading, and most importantly - not strapless. My, how things change! I did, however, get the thing I secretly wanted but refused to admit to anyone. Bows on my butt. You'll have to go here to see the awesome back.

Everyone that's seen the dress has appropriately gushed, and agreed that it's very 'me'.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Edwardian wedding dresses - for a garden wedding?

One thing I noticed while wedding dress shopping is that most dresses today have beaded lace, and also have cut-out lace applique, rather than being all-over lace.

One of the beautiful things about Edwardian gowns is that they feature lace all over, incorporated into the structure of the dress. Like the one above. Being mostly made of light cotton they're beautiful and feminine and lacy, but still quite casual. The casual nature of these dresses on a modern bride would (unless you're fairly petite) be enhanced by the fact that most Edwardian dresses would only hit mid-calf on a modern girl. So no muddy train to stumble about with.

Edwardian silhouettes tended to have a loose, blousey top, a cinched waist and free-flowing, fairly narrow skirt (compared to the wire-hooped, horse-hair bustled confections of the Victorian period). So an Edwardian gown would be perfect if you want to show off your tiny waist, or if you wanted a more modest bodice.

Okay, this one needs a slip - imagine a powder blue slip! Pretty! From TimelessVintageVixen.

Best of all, these white cotton lace gowns are in relative abundance on ebay and etsy. Unlike other eras, white was an everyday staple for the Edwardian lady, meaning that there are more bridal-coloured gowns floating about. Or, of course, if you wanted something really different, you could dye one of those white gowns whatever hue your heart desires.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mad Men Marriage: Christina Hendricks has style

How fab is the train on Christina Hendricks' gown? Love it. Just love it.

Plus big earrings, pale skin and red hair? Hello, wedding inspiration. Okay, except I don't have Ms Hendricks'... endowments. Also completely digging her groom's outfit.

By the way, if you fancy Ms Hendricks' gown, it's by Carolina Herrara, and you can buy it second-hand for the paltry sum of $1500 (US) over at Pre Owned Wedding Dresses.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Etsy finds: vintage wedding veils

Cute little 50s cage veil, from 13 Bees Vintage. There seems to be a tear in the netting, but you could use your mad DIY skillz to replace the net. I like how flat this sits on the head, and the fact it doesn't rely on a comb to keep it in place.

A beautiful Victorian-era bridal veil with a little pair of lovebirds on the back. Modern veils are so sheer and diaphanous that the weight (and consequent drape) of this lace veil make it a really unique choice. Considering its age the colour has held up well, too. No overt yellowing. At the aptly named Antique Lace Place.

Surprisingly modern looking, this little vintage floral headpiece is made (in part) of pipecleaners! How rad! Totally mouldable to the shape of your head (or hairstyle). Available at Dakota Vintage.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wedding Day Jewellery: the statement ring

A cocktail ring on the right hand is a nice piece of wedding bling, I think. A friend wore her mama's sapphire cocktail ring on the right hand, as her something blue. For something a little more modern (and not blue), I love these coupley rings by DonMoti. The one above is a couple in conversation.

And this gorgeous one is an elderly couple looking back on their younger selves. Aaaaw. Nice symbolism, non?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Choosing the bridal accessories that go round your face.

Volume or length? Volume or length? Hmmm...
From the fabulous Okinawa_Soba's photostream. Seriously, go check it out. There's some awesome non-wedding stuff in there.

You know, veil, earrings, hairstyle, that kinda thing.

I'm not 100% necessarily convinced by all this 'how to dress to suit your proportions and colours' stuff, but these blog posts do seem remarkably thorough (and explain what to do when, like me, your features are squashed into the middle of your face, leaving vast deserty expanses of chin and forehead. Seriously, my forehead is outright Elizabethan*).

First, you wanna work out what your basic face shape is.
But, it's not that simple. 'Cause you got to work out whether your features are actually where they should be, or if you would have been a natural beauty in Elizabeth I's court. So, facial proportions need to be considered.

Now you can consider an appropriately flattering hairstyle, and earrings to suit your face shape.

And, my personal favourite, how to choose a hat to flatter your face. I'm taking a wild guess and saying that the same principles can probable be adapted to choosing a veil?

* What? What is she on about? In the Elizabethan period a high forehead was considered aesthetically pleasing. So much so that women used to pluck their hairline, to create an even higher forehead.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wearing a hat: Channeling Bianca Jagger's Wedding

Someone really should get this hat for their wedding. Someone wearing a rock'n'roll pantsuit. It's available at AudraJean's etsy shop.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pretty nature-jewels

Strong yet organic earrings. I'd like something like these for the wedding day.

Isn't this delicate and alive? I love the assymetry. Maybe if not for the bride, pretty on the bridesmaids/ groomsmaids. Oo, actually, I think the artist does a few variations on the hydrangea petal necklace - you could get a different one for each lady in the wedding?

All from Patrick Irla Jewellery on etsy (of course).

Monday, January 11, 2010

Never mind the veil, try a headband

A pretty sequinned number from CarononCaro's etsy shop.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Etsy find of the Day - vintage bridal shower games

While on the search for the perfect bedside lamps I found these, and couldn't help dropping them in my cart too. Cute, huh? They're like little popsticks with a charade topic on them. The one photographed was 'Song Title - Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining'. Kind of hilarious in the context of a marriage, non? I figure they should get a laugh, then I'll pass them on to some other lucky gal for her hen's night.

Anyway, my point is, don't neglect the 'vintage' search on Etsy. Just as good as the 'handmade' search function.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wedding Gown fabrics in Australia (Recherche)

If you know what you want by way of a dress, getting your gown made is a tres awesome idea. You can get some amazing beaded lace to rival Collette Dinnigan, but have exactly what you want. I always imagined I'd get my gown made, as most times when I try on readymade clothes my thoughts are along the line of "Nice, but I wish *insert change to garment here*"

Recherche Fabrics are an online supplier of really fabulous lace and beaded fabric for dance costumes and weddings. They're based in Australia. The beaded tulle above is from them. I just adore the way it looks like feathers, or water flowing, or flames. I think it would make a stunning overlay on a sort of hippie, drapey, Grecian-style gown. Worn with loose hair and bare feet to get married in the bush. You'd look like some ethereal woodnymph.

Ugh. Enough flowery language already! Go check out Recherche!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Last New Year as a Sort-of Single Gal

Happy New Year and all that!

I have three resolutions for 2010, none wedding-related. They are, as follows:
i) Eat leafy greens every day;
ii) Always have fabulously painted toenails; and
iii) Wear in the work shoes I keep buying because I need new ones, then not wearing them because they're not as comfortable as the beat-up ones I already have.

Tell me, do you have resolutions? I want to know what they are.

I realised that the New Year just gone (and the Christmas, for that matter) are the last I'll spend as an unwedded lass. In fact, the Christmas was the only Christmas I'll spend as an unwedded lass! Didn't feel any different, to be honest.