Friday, January 29, 2010

Edwardian wedding dresses - for a garden wedding?

One thing I noticed while wedding dress shopping is that most dresses today have beaded lace, and also have cut-out lace applique, rather than being all-over lace.

One of the beautiful things about Edwardian gowns is that they feature lace all over, incorporated into the structure of the dress. Like the one above. Being mostly made of light cotton they're beautiful and feminine and lacy, but still quite casual. The casual nature of these dresses on a modern bride would (unless you're fairly petite) be enhanced by the fact that most Edwardian dresses would only hit mid-calf on a modern girl. So no muddy train to stumble about with.

Edwardian silhouettes tended to have a loose, blousey top, a cinched waist and free-flowing, fairly narrow skirt (compared to the wire-hooped, horse-hair bustled confections of the Victorian period). So an Edwardian gown would be perfect if you want to show off your tiny waist, or if you wanted a more modest bodice.

Okay, this one needs a slip - imagine a powder blue slip! Pretty! From TimelessVintageVixen.

Best of all, these white cotton lace gowns are in relative abundance on ebay and etsy. Unlike other eras, white was an everyday staple for the Edwardian lady, meaning that there are more bridal-coloured gowns floating about. Or, of course, if you wanted something really different, you could dye one of those white gowns whatever hue your heart desires.


Claire said...

These are so beautiful. I have always loved the delicate design of lace.

Mary said...

Looks really classic.I bet my sister would love your site. She's looking for a classic and unique wedding gown for her fashion show. I'd recommend your site to her. More power to you and your site!

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Betty - Wholesale Purses said...

I love vintage! They're gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love vintage wedding dresses (and vintage engagement rings, come to think of it!). I find they capture a sense of elegance that is lost in modern design. I recently saw some amazing vintage wedding dresses in an article on 200 years of wedding fashion on a women's website called The Hoopla. I find I am always getting caught up in the awe of the past!

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