Saturday, March 19, 2011

just a little note...

All photos copyright and by Filip Welna, our fab photographer

I'm looking to sell my wedding gown. I love it to pieces, but don't have the space to keep it. Knowing that Priscilla of Boston dresses are rare as hen's teeth in Australia, I'm hoping to find someone else who loves it and will give it a second outing. You can find it listed here or here, or leave me a message on this post with an e-mail address at which I can reach you. I'm open to offers, willing to post anywhere (not just within Australia), and more than happy to answer any questions! Perth people are also welcome to see it in person, of course.

The boning creates some killer curves, if I say so myself. This is me giggling madly while my poor bridesmaid tried to do up the top hook and eye.