Sunday, May 24, 2009

We might have a lead...

On a venue. I'm still waiting for their function package (I think they might have forgotten, and need a reminder call. I was a teeny bit concerned when they just scrawled my e-mail address across a blank notepad and stuck it next to... something in the kitchen). All we know is they can seat up to 120, serve full sit-down meals, charge $4 a head corkage (!), we can use the courtyard till 9pm, we have to have soundproofing batts in the windows, and last weekend they had a 60s-jazz-club themed reception. And we have no choice as to the art on the walls, but can find out ahead of time what it will be...

Put on your beret and your best po-mo stare - we're lookin' at galleries, people. Galleries.
Although all the dress posts might have you thinking otherwise, the thing I'm most excited about wedding-wise is the food (the phrase 'micromanage' has come up in conversation with BCB in reference to my 'excitement'). Like a Greek mother, I'm living in eternal fear of people not being fed enough. Nothing will convince me that three courses is enough. I've been thinking recently that it might be more cost effective to put out cheese platters after dessert, rather than have canapes before the entree. Those that are full from three courses can abstain, but cheese and crackers is quite the hearty snack for those that need more.

This is the most stunning cheese platter I think I've ever seen. Whoever ends up doing the food (restaurant or caterer) is going to be shown this picture as a reference. I love how wild and rustic it looks. And abundant, with the food piling up. Just gorgeous. It's from the same wedding as the bride with the fantastic butterfly dress too.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Colleen Quen couture

I adore this butterfly print dress. I'd forgotten until I saw it that I'd always thought that a print on a white background would be a lovely way to be bridal without being Bridal. The dress is from a spread-thing on, and the food looks pretty damn fine too. It might get its own post, I think.

The gown is by Colleen Quen, who does some amazingly beautiful stuff. I love this big obi-like sash-train. Unfortunately, it seems Ms Quen only sells through her salon in San Francisco. Such a pity. I could really get excited about a gown by her.