Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Colleen Quen couture

I adore this butterfly print dress. I'd forgotten until I saw it that I'd always thought that a print on a white background would be a lovely way to be bridal without being Bridal. The dress is from a spread-thing on, and the food looks pretty damn fine too. It might get its own post, I think.

The gown is by Colleen Quen, who does some amazingly beautiful stuff. I love this big obi-like sash-train. Unfortunately, it seems Ms Quen only sells through her salon in San Francisco. Such a pity. I could really get excited about a gown by her.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I have just stumbled upon your blog and am THRILLED to find another WA Wedding blog! The second I read your tag line about chair covers I went through and read every post. If it rains on my wedding day, i won't be phased. If the cake collapses, I'll laugh. If the florist doesn't deliver the flowers I'll live, but if I can't find or afford nice enough chairs so that chair covers are redundant - I will be inconsolable! :)

Bonnie- amour amour said...

I just adore this image- so romantic. If you like the Obi style sash/train you might like Culture Shock's gowns. They have a similar design and use real Japanese methods.

P.S I agree with anon- loving the profile tag re tulle and chaircovers! Don't know if you were a 'The Nanny' fan (and this is going back awhile) but it made me think of an episode where Fran fights a woman in a wedding dress sale at Lohman's... definitely tulle everywhere! Random I know.

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