Friday, October 30, 2009

Pets at the party?

So. Maybe this is just an excuse to show off our gorgeous little puppy, Lola. But I've encountered some interesting reactions since we got her. Some friends are completely horrified that we might even consider not having her at the wedding. One offered to smuggle her into the chapel in an oversize orange tote bag (until I explained that at the time of our wedding, Lola will be about 12 kilos)! On the other hand, there are people saying 'Um, why would you have your dog at your wedding. It's a dog.' And I have to admit I lean towards the latter. She's likely to jump up on guests, get my dress dirty, and pee somewhere inappropriate... but then puppies do make a cute ringbearer! But then, where will she stay at the reception? Who will feed her?

So tell me, are you involving your furry family in your nuptials at all? When? How?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Celestial Tenille

Both images from Celestial Tenille's facebook page

So. I rang our ceremony venue last week, to ask what I should do to get around to booking them. And, to my surprise, was told that certain dates for October 2010 were already booked! My! This put the fear of god in me, and I've promptly been rushing about sorting out Wedding Things. Now bear in mind we're going overseas for a holiday in a fortnight, we have a new little puppy needing vaccines and love and chew toys, and it looks like we might finally be settling on the property we've been trying to buy for a year, BCB just got back from a fortnight overseas for work... and you start to imagine how cuh-razy life is seeming.

But. Anyway. The fear of god thing. My GP (!) asked if I'd started dress shopping yet, and I said 'Nah, figure I'll do it middle of next year,' only to be told that many dressmakers require a six month turnaround! Argh! So I rushed into the nearest bridal salon, one that I walk past every day for work, Celestial Tenille.

Very, very impressed. Their sales assistant was lovely and friendly, and showed me swatches, and dresses going to other girls, and samples, and sketches. She explained that they don't need six months lead time because everything is made in Australia (nice for anyone with garment labour concerns). She explained the different kinds of fabrics, and how they prefer plainer dress cuts so that you can choose lots of different embellishment. I told her about my fear of god, and she joked that one's parents have to book the reception venue as soon as you're born these days. While they like appointments because then they can show you sketches of dresses that aren't on the rack, you're welcome any time to just drop by and try on a gown. Very relaxing.

That said, nothing there made me gasp (just not quite my style, and at around the $4k mark for made to measure/ semi-couture (you can mix and match dress parts, and change some bits slightly) it's more than I want to spend. But if you're after non-frothy and lovely service and a bit of a say in your gown, I definitely recommend them.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gifty thingies

So, it seems traditional to give gifts to your wedding party. Why, I've yet to quite work out, and I must admit I'm not quite sold on it (yet?) Nonetheless, I do think a nice little piece of art is a good gift. Something from Sugarloop won't break the bank (I have two of her pretty silkscreens already hanging up in my office), and it goes without saying that you'll find something to suit any taste by doing a good'n'proper etsy search.

But if you want something (a) local; and (b) free your best bet would be to enter Bespoke Press'** awesome competition to win a set of free prints (am I just blogging this to get my five extra entries? You betcha!) Unless you have some super-sized bridal-brigade if you won you could pick out the prints that most suit your people,* then keep the rest for yourself. And if you don't win, well, I reckon they're still awesome gifts.

* Or, if you're killer selfish, the ones that least suit your own style.
** Do I need to point out that Bespoke Press are a letterpress printing business located in Australia? Awes, no?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's been a while.

Image from EatDrinkChic.

Oops. Sorry. Life Got In The Way, as it is wont to do. Part of it involved a new little puppy called Lola, most of it didn't.

But I'm back to say: Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, look at this awesome blog. EatDrinkChic.

Amy Moss is a graphic designer/ stylist in Melbourne, who blogs about Nice Things (not wedding exclusive), but has put a whole lot of really cool, really free templates up on her site. Wicked stuff like origami flower instructions to give your bridesmaids, and vintage-style soda labels and favour boxes shaped like milk cartons. Tres, tres cool. Why did I not know about her before?

I'm totally trying to work out how to fit the Thankyou Flashcards into the wedding palaver. Just flat at the table settings? Write people's names and table number on the reverse? Enlarge and use as our thankyou cards?