Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gifty thingies

So, it seems traditional to give gifts to your wedding party. Why, I've yet to quite work out, and I must admit I'm not quite sold on it (yet?) Nonetheless, I do think a nice little piece of art is a good gift. Something from Sugarloop won't break the bank (I have two of her pretty silkscreens already hanging up in my office), and it goes without saying that you'll find something to suit any taste by doing a good'n'proper etsy search.

But if you want something (a) local; and (b) free your best bet would be to enter Bespoke Press'** awesome competition to win a set of free prints (am I just blogging this to get my five extra entries? You betcha!) Unless you have some super-sized bridal-brigade if you won you could pick out the prints that most suit your people,* then keep the rest for yourself. And if you don't win, well, I reckon they're still awesome gifts.

* Or, if you're killer selfish, the ones that least suit your own style.
** Do I need to point out that Bespoke Press are a letterpress printing business located in Australia? Awes, no?

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