Friday, October 30, 2009

Pets at the party?

So. Maybe this is just an excuse to show off our gorgeous little puppy, Lola. But I've encountered some interesting reactions since we got her. Some friends are completely horrified that we might even consider not having her at the wedding. One offered to smuggle her into the chapel in an oversize orange tote bag (until I explained that at the time of our wedding, Lola will be about 12 kilos)! On the other hand, there are people saying 'Um, why would you have your dog at your wedding. It's a dog.' And I have to admit I lean towards the latter. She's likely to jump up on guests, get my dress dirty, and pee somewhere inappropriate... but then puppies do make a cute ringbearer! But then, where will she stay at the reception? Who will feed her?

So tell me, are you involving your furry family in your nuptials at all? When? How?


WestAussieWedding said...

She is just so beautiful.

We sadly don't have any pets because we both work away, but I am a dog lover from way back.

When my friend got married she was tempted to include her beloved bulldog in their wedding somehow but eventually decided against it (too hard) But they had some custom wine labels made up that featured their dog, which were pretty cute.

lupinbunny said...

Yeah, I have vague plans for thankyou cards that have a photo of me, BCB and Lola with a daggy speech bubble coming from all three of us saying "Thanks!"

But I'm not sure if people will be a bit creeped out that our dog is expressing gratitude for their gift...

a bluebird bride said...

We are KNOWN for our menagerie. Though it's not really a menagerie anymore since Timmy passed on, I don't think 2 pets constitute a menagerie.

Everyone has been asking if we will have Elliott, our 4 year old ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at our wedding. And we have thought long and hard about. Elliott was there when we got engaged up in the Dandenongs. He'd look so damn cute dressed up in a little doggy tux. But firstly, the place we're staying at can't have dogs stay coz they have wombats and lyrebirds in the gardens. We might have been able to talk them into letting us have him there just for the ceremony. But really, sometimes I think taking him out is something we enjoy far more than he does. In the end we've decided against it. I'll miss having him there on the day but we'd just be bringing him out for show and he wouldn't be able to come to the reception and... he gets car sick driving up the mountains! So instead he's going to a friend's for the weekend.

Unless we come up with a better plan by then!

Jess said...

Awe you have a Lola too :) although our Lola is an orange fluff ball of a cat who thinks she's a dog. We have 3 dogs at home at the moment but only Loki is truly ours. Much to everyone's eye rolling I'd love to have him involved...he's our little baby but it will never happen.

I was thinking I'd just use him in our engagement photo shoot. Whenever we get around to doing that!

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