Saturday, April 25, 2009

Akira Bridal

Seems Akira Isogawa is formally moving into bridal wear. I love the idea - I like the minimalism and beautiful use of fabric print and pattern of Akira's stuff, but I'm not quite positive about how it will translate to bridal wear. Mind, if the the tiny photo accompanying this article is anything to go by, his bridal wear may well be more traditional.

Here's hoping Elle (being the only stockist of Akira in Perth) decide to add his stuff to their little bridal alcove.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cakes with wild flowers

Both cakes are made and photographed by the amazing QuintanaRoo.

I mean wild in the 'awesome' sense, as well as the not-formally-arranged and not-formally-cultivated sense too. Aren't these (vegan) cakes just the most beautiful things you've ever seen? I think I'll be showing these to the Caker.

There's some other nice, bright fresh flower numbers here and here, and a rocking sugared fruit cake (and rocking groom) here.