Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wedding Gown fabrics in Australia (Recherche)

If you know what you want by way of a dress, getting your gown made is a tres awesome idea. You can get some amazing beaded lace to rival Collette Dinnigan, but have exactly what you want. I always imagined I'd get my gown made, as most times when I try on readymade clothes my thoughts are along the line of "Nice, but I wish *insert change to garment here*"

Recherche Fabrics are an online supplier of really fabulous lace and beaded fabric for dance costumes and weddings. They're based in Australia. The beaded tulle above is from them. I just adore the way it looks like feathers, or water flowing, or flames. I think it would make a stunning overlay on a sort of hippie, drapey, Grecian-style gown. Worn with loose hair and bare feet to get married in the bush. You'd look like some ethereal woodnymph.

Ugh. Enough flowery language already! Go check out Recherche!

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WestAussie said...

There are some beautiful fabrics there.. I love the one you have posted as well.. sometimes only flowery language will suffice :)

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