Saturday, January 30, 2010

Surprise! It's my birthday.

I've been showing off a lot of inspiration, recently, rather than talking about my own nuptials. So I figured, now that everyone important to me has seen The Dress (yes, BCB, my family, all my girlfriends, the in-laws... I'm no good with secrets) I'd show it off here. It's my birthday gift to you, dear readers!

When I started gown-shopping I wanted modern, unusual, maybe some lace or beading, and most importantly - not strapless. My, how things change! I did, however, get the thing I secretly wanted but refused to admit to anyone. Bows on my butt. You'll have to go here to see the awesome back.

Everyone that's seen the dress has appropriately gushed, and agreed that it's very 'me'.


WestAussieWedding said...

It is the most amazing dress! I love it!
The subtle pattern is awesome and the bows on the back-- there are no words!
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

Very Happy Birthday, hope you have a great one!

Jessica said...

Stunning!!! I love the simple and clean lines of the dress, but with the modern twist and details in the fabric and bows.

Gorgeous x

amisha said...

amazing dress! I love it!
grow taller

Anonymous said...

Lovely! If you don't mind me asking, did you find a stockist for Priscilla of Boston in Australia..or buy online?

lupinbunny said...

^^ I bought it while in SF, but Priscilla of Boston do ship their gowns internationally now, so get in contact with them! Every single dress in the store was truly, truly luscious.

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