Sunday, January 3, 2010

Last New Year as a Sort-of Single Gal

Happy New Year and all that!

I have three resolutions for 2010, none wedding-related. They are, as follows:
i) Eat leafy greens every day;
ii) Always have fabulously painted toenails; and
iii) Wear in the work shoes I keep buying because I need new ones, then not wearing them because they're not as comfortable as the beat-up ones I already have.

Tell me, do you have resolutions? I want to know what they are.

I realised that the New Year just gone (and the Christmas, for that matter) are the last I'll spend as an unwedded lass. In fact, the Christmas was the only Christmas I'll spend as an unwedded lass! Didn't feel any different, to be honest.


anna and the ring said...

Yes to all 3! Fabulously painted toenails make every feel better.

Esta said...

lupinbunny all the best with the wedding - i got though ours last year in October and it was a blast! I have started a new blog too - hope you won't be too busy to pop in

Are you still on Vogue?

WestAussie said...

Its nice to be able to say Im getting married THIS year isn't it.
Makes it seem less abstract.

My Resolutions are

1. Start reading less magazines and more books
2. Don't use the hot weather as an excuse not to exercise
3. Finish my study and finish it well.

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