Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A barn in the Perth metro area

Barns seem to be quite fashionable for weddings right now, at least in the US. I can understand why. Rustic, casual, photogenic, no parking problems, no noise complaints from the neighbours and a big boxy space where everyone gets a decent view of the bridal table and some room to dance.

But barns are in short supply in Australia. So how would you feel if I told there was a barn. Set in the middle of a herb garden and bushland. In the Perth metro area. That caters for weddings. That looks like this:

Pretty sweet, huh? You'll never guess where it is. The Zoo. Yup. Perth Zoo. As if having your wedding at the Zoo wasn't cool enough, you can have a barn too. It's in the Australian Homestead area, next to the solar powered house and the native animals. It came out at a little over our price range, but in the scheme of Wedding Things, it's not unreasonable in price. You can find out more from Mustard Catering, who are the contracted caterers for the Zoo.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE THE BLOG! And love that barn. I was on the search for barns too, I love that we're on the same page - and you love all the same blogs as me too heehee. Most jealous that you have West Australian Bride over there as well but I guess I have Down To My Soul for my Melbourne inspiration and she lives in the area we got engaged in and are planning to marry in too.

I giggle coz you and I are both being inspired by the same things. I was looking for a barn in Melbourne too and found an amazing one but the outdoor loos I think will pose a problem for older family members (and let's face it, that's a problem) AND they seem to be nazis about music and won't let you use your own dj and as someone in the music industry for whom music is my life... that is a MAJOR PROBLEM.

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