Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fabulous shoes

I'm a tall gal, and while I do genuinely love teetering about on 4 inch heels, I don't have the back or the balls (of my feet!) to do it for very long. Especially not standing on a stone floor for the ceremony. So I had always intended to wear ballet flats beneath my dress. But if I'm going to wear a short dress, I'm going to need heels. The legs will need to be to their best advantage.

And that's where Hey Lady shoes come in. Mmmm... they're cute and chic and sometimes a little bit vintage, and they're especially designed to be comfortable. Padded linings, carefully thought out heel angles, choice of heel heights... and did I mention cute and chic? I can actually barely choose between them all. And I don't even normally go for strappy styles.


abluebirdbride said...

Oh my my they are divine. If only I could wear heels wahhhhh. I have the most temperamental, sensitive feet, they get blisters so easily. And I'm so whiney, I hate not being comfortable. Think I could train myself to wear heels in the next 12 months?

Anonymous said...

Im going to cover all bases and wear heels to start with but have a pair of flats on standby.. due to my misshapen feet i can only comfortably hang out in heels for about 3 hrs max

Miss T said...

Those shoes are all so cute!

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