Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dressing to impress

I've had a few people ask me, since I've gotten engaged, whether I will be wearing white. I'm not quite sure whether they are asking if I'm wearing white as opposed to ivory or latte or champagne or ecru, out of concern that white mightn't be the best shade against my skin (that kind of stark pale normally reserved for redheads and Christina Ricci). They also might be asking on the basis that as they see me as a Wild and Crazy Individual, it is entirely likely that I will buck this tradition and wear purple or something. I kind of hope their question is not motivated by the thought that BCB and I have been living in sin for a couple of years now, and thus I have no claim to white.

Because I do want to wear white (or ivory or latte or champagne or ecru). It's not a colour I wear in my everyday life (excepting one white blouse, and one cream t-shirt with a skull on it). So to me it feels like a special shade, reserved for weddings.

When it comes to style, however, I'm not so sure. While I haven't tried any on yet, long wedding dresses have kind of been leaving me cold. Right now, I'm kind of attached to the idea of a short dress. Like, a really short dress. A mini-dress, like the Jamie at A Desert Fete wore. I love mini-dresses, and I wear them a lot. But so rarely does a gal get to wear an ankle-length gown these days that I'm worried I'll regret passing up the opportunity.

I mentioned to my mother than I was thinking of getting a short dress. "That's wonderful!" she said (to my surprise), "I wore a short dress to my wedding!" That's sort of true. She wore a tea-length gown that my grandmother had made in the 1950s.* I decided not to tell her yet that my definition of short involves visible knees, and a fair chunk of visible thigh too...

* My mum, rockin' vintage before it was fashionable, in 1984. It was a white cotton gown with puffy sleeves and a zig-zagging hem.

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