Monday, February 16, 2009

Wedding headbands

There's been quite a few posts recently on non-veil wedding headgear. I have to admit, I'm undecided on the whole veil thing. I think I'll wait to see what dress I get, and how I feel in one. But one thing I've noticed is that most veils, and most alternatives, are on combs. Being Short and Fine of hair, keeping a comb in will require painful styling. Which isn't really my bag. So I've been looking about for wedding head-stuff on a headband. And have been pleasantly surprised!

My absolute favourite of them all, from Belcanto

A stunning kind of astral spray, from Lulu Splendor

A pricier option, but it has a veil and some preppy charm, from Castle Bride (a non-etsy site).

A beautiful, minimalist, silver-dipped oak-leaf, from ThreeBirdsDesigns.

A pretty flapper-style bandeau, from HemsandBustles.

Bleached peacock feathers, very chic, from BethanyLorelle.

And some other options:

Vintage diamantes in a floral spray, from LaurelLime.
Big! And fluffy! With feathers! From HairFascinators.
A little bit of lace and a little bit of netting, from HemsandBustles again.

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