Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Gifted Ham & The Engagement Party Plan

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So we haven't actually had an engagement party yet. I'm partly indifferent, partly embarrassed (at the thought that we will have one literally months after we got engaged). We're in the process of buying a wee house, and it would be just so perfect to be able to have a combined housewarming/ engagement party* in our own place. Not to mention our current rental is really quite revolting and not suited to guests. So.

Just prior to Christmas my mother got a gift voucher for a ham (long story). She decided not to use it at Christmas, as there's enough ham then for everyone plus some, and has instead told us that we may have the ham for our engagement party. It's very generous, and also kind of hilarious. I am left trying to plan a menu around a ham-on-the-bone.

I initially wanted Southern-inspired food. Ham in coke, baked "fried" chicken, potato salad, green bean salad, cajun spiced sweet potato,** sweet iced tea and mint julep punch. I thought it was a gorgeous idea. BCB said no. "I just think it's a weird theme. We're not Southern, our new house isn't Southern... why would you do it?" Because we have a ham to work with darling. Because of the ham.

But just this very weekend I found a ridiculously cheap source of quince paste (don't I sound like a crack dealer?). Like, $12 a kilo cheap. So now I'm thinking mustard glazed ham, lots of cheese, quince paste, bread rolls... and what? I need more vegetable suggestions to go with this kind-of-European-rustic-picnic-thing... but I can work on it. And what vodka-based cocktail to go with this hearty fare? (We have a stockpile. BCB and my mother have made a point of bringing back their full duty free allowance every time they travel).

* because it's combined, and because the party will still be eighteen months before the wedding, and because the wedding will be small I am going to invite people that won't be invited to the wedding. I want everyone to see our new house! Is that just too rude?

** the vegetables take a certain priority, as I won't be eating the animals.

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I think its a great idea roast veggies sort of like christmas in july

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