Monday, December 14, 2009

Store review: HobNob

I have visited two big-name (as far as Perth goes) bridal stores since I bought my dress. In search of a veil, see. I was planning to review my experience at both. Given that I struggle to think of anything positive about one of them (and mama always said "If you don't have something nice to say...") I'll give a mixed review of the other. HobNob.

The range of dresses at HobNob is probably amongst the most fashion forward of the non-couture wedding places in Perth. There was a lovely Pronovia's gown with ruching and giant appliqued chiffon flowers that rather caught my eye. Unfortunately, most of the dresses looked pretty, but felt tres polyester.

As far as veils/ headpieces go, they certainly have a more interesting range. Veils of many kinds, loads of feathery-flowery headpieces, and a few hats too! Note that not all of it is on display - there are all kinds of flowers and combs kept in drawers behind the counter. You don't need an appointment if you're just going in to look at accessories, and in my experience at times I had someone helping me and suggesting things, then they'd wander off and leave me alone for a little. Which was nice.

It may have been because I was there on a particularly overcast day, but I couldn't help but notice that the back of the store was very dimly lit. This low-lighting was a feature shared with The Namesless Store, so I can't work out if it's a coincidence, or the stores are choosing 'mood lighting' on purpose. Either way, I'm not a fan. I want to be able to see myself, and the dress, properly. Most people are married in daylight, so I want to be able to see how everything will look as it will on the day.

Conveniently, if you have an entourage in tow, they have a bridesmaids dress shop right next door (I forget what it's called). A friend recently got her bridesmaid gowns there and they were really lovely. Elegant and well-fitting.

Have you been to HobNob? Did you get a dress there? What was your experience like?


Anonymous said...

I had nothing but good experiences there, the lady who looked after me was a delight and gave me her honest opinion about things in a very non-abrasive way. And bless her heart, she told me the dress I chose wouldn't look as good if I didn't have some curves and i shouldn't lose any weight :) double thumbs up for that!!

luc said...

Please at least tell us the name of the other one so I don't go there haha!

Anonymous said...

Was far from happy with my experience @ Hobnob. My appointment was not in their book, even though I confirmed this with them twice. My budget was sneered at, my entourage was not made to feel welcome. I have an infant that sat in her stroller the entire time and was informed that on a 40 degree day, if she "had" to have a drink of water that it might be acceptable, but that she couldn't sit in her stroller to eat, we would have to stand out on the street for that. Whilst I understand that some children may cause chaos and mess, this was not the case. I walked away really quite disheartened because I didn't have over $2000 to spent on a dress.

Anonymous said...

Not happy either. I bought (well the parents paid for) a $3000 dress there which I love and the lady had told us that because my mum and all three bridesmaids live in the country and have a fair way to travel, that when the dress came in, we could come in on a Saturday to try it on, (they normally don't allow fittings on weekends). Well, I got the letter saying that my dress had come in, I called to make an appointment and explained what the sales lady had said and they wouldn't have a bar of it. Apparently, the new customers who come in on a Saturday are more important. So now everyone has to take a full day off work. They are happy to take your money, but once they get it the service stops. I do love my dress though and can't wait to pick it up.

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