Tuesday, December 8, 2009


All images from Burnside Bungalows

Not sure what we're doing by way of honeymoon yet. I rather want to go to Bali, where spa treatments and cocktails are cheap, but BCB is not so sure. Poking around today I found Burnside Bungalows in Margaret River which sounds pretty damn nice.

They have three chalets on their organic and biodynamic farm in Margaret River. One of the big thrills for me is that guests are invited to pick their own farm produce to cook dinner. Yep, even on my honeymoon I'd be interested in hunting/ gathering and cooking.


WestAussieWedding said...

They have some truly beautful spas in Bali.. I can see the appeal.. You can live like a king & queen for peanuts.. Borneo may be another good option for a similar style but less touristy..

Otherwise that Margs chalet sounds heavenly. Definitely something romantic about hunting and gathering food for your own dinner..

Out of curiosity, if you 'hunted' an animal yourself would you feel comfortable eating it then? or would it be strictly gathering for you :)

WestAussie said...

I would love to get the details of the humane piggery from you.. I do love bacon but feel sooo guilty eating it as I have heard horror stories about poor pigs at slaughterhouse..
Its awesome to know there is such a place in WA

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