Friday, December 11, 2009

Getting shirty: options for the menfolk

Image from the blank-label site

So I featured Duchess Clothier a while ago, but they don't have an online custom-shirt-ordering function. I have seen a couple of other such sites, but they didn't have much choice when it came to fit. A concern when you have a six-foot beanpole with a taste for the 60s and 70s (when shirts were slim).

Blank-Label seems a bit funkier, however. There is the option to customise body fit, neck size and sleeve length all independently. And their monogramming option is totally, gorgeously fab - imagine ordering these for the groomsmen, and getting their name, or some silly in-joke, embroidered on the inside collar?

The detailing options are pretty good - you can play with a lot of different shapes and contrast-colouring options (different coloured plackets and collar linings for each groomsman?). Get to choose your buttons (each groomsman in the same shirt with different buttons?). The only thing lacking, I think, is the option to add cowboy-shirt-styled back and front panels. You know, the pointy kinda panels, instead of straight across? And some plaid fabric options would be nice. Just sayin'.

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Danny Wong said...

Hi Lupinbunny,

My name is Danny Wong and I manage Blank Label.

Thanks for the nice post on us and for the cool suggestions on things we should make available for consumers to use for customization.

We're definitely looking to put the power in the consumers' hands with what we're doing and I'm so glad you noticed that!

Would love to talk with you sometime.

Please ping me at

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