Thursday, December 10, 2009


Awesome, serious, hardcore bubble from Pearls Events, photographed by Amy Carroll

The modern name for those 60s style veils I like is a 'bubble veil', or, occasionally 'fountain veil'. Which made searching etsy a whoooole lot easier.

Only problem being I want a wee blusher to go over my face to start with, that can be pushed back over my already-huge veil afterwards. I haven't seen anything like this, and I can't tell if it's because noone's thought of it, it's gosh-darn ugly, or it's impossible engineering-wise. But I'm pretty tempted to find out by making my own veil. There's an excellent 'how to' here. My only additional tips are:
i) make one out of cheapy tulle first to get a feel for what you're doing and how it will look; and
ii) hairspray holds more than just hair in place. Use for maintaining super-volume on the day.

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WestAussieWedding said...

haha its sooo true- once you know the right words for things the battle is half won!
I am so in love with those voluminous veils like that pic and still feeling a bit sad at letting the idea go...

I cant wait to see what you come up with.. I reckon if you could make a line of convertable/detachable veils there would be a huge market for it, as lots of girls want a slightly different look for ceremony vs reception. keep us posted!

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