Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vendors aren't as scary as you think

One option we are considering for the Best (wo)Man's suit is seeing how a hire suit might work out. The girl is fairly straight-up-and-down, and I'm thinking she could probably get away with a teen boy's suit (with a woman's shirt). I was a little concerned about how suit hire places might react to the idea.

Well, one decent thing to come out of the Bridal Lair was a chat with a lady at Spurling. She said quite bluntly that they don't have women's suits. Then cheerfully added that they do do some men's jackets that are very tapered at the waist that might work out, and to come by sometime and try them on. "The worst that can happen is that you work out that you can't put her in one of our suits, and you go look for something else."

That's the worst? Seriously? Awes. With an attitude like that, we're definitely testing the waters.

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Anonymous said...

Well its funny that you should mention Spurling.. My bestie got her wedding dress from there last year and I went along to a few of the fittings with her and was very impressed.. the girl who helped her was young and trendy (with THE most amazing shoes) and really helpful in a non-pushy way. She was also fabulous when it came to helping the boys suit up as the Groom and none of the Groomsmen are not really fashion conscious kind of blokes and needed a bit of help.
Most of the dresses were the traditional sort but they did have a decent range and more variety than I would have expected.. plus they also gave her a free veil. The whole dress buying expereince was rather pleasant through them so an v intersted to hear how you go with your bestwoman suit..

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