Monday, March 9, 2009

Dressing the Best (wo)Man

I don't know that I've mentioned yet, but our Best Man is in fact not a man. It's not exactly clear what your inner bridezilla makes 'em wear, when your best man's a woman. The polite, safe choice seems to be a black dress (to match with the groom's suit). We are planning on dressing the lovely wee thing in a suit.

East Side Bride helped me out something awesome with my concerns that we'd be making the B(w)M look like she was in drag (not our intention). Check out her rather awesome advice here and here.

Given our gal is pint-sized, I'm thinking way skinny trousers are a nice way to keep the suit feminine. And way cool. Given that we are picking up the tab for this outfit,* I'm thinking of taking her into Myer Miss Shop and checking out the work/ evening wear stuff.

* The Best (wo)Man is a waitress by day, and an artist by night.


Anonymous said...

There is a Gilmore Girls episode in which the grandparents renew their wedding vows (it's in a later season, not sure which.)Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) wears a gorgeous black suit for it if you'd like further inspiration

east side bride said...

Love. It.

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