Sunday, March 8, 2009

Papel Picado

From one of my favourite 'stories' at

I've been so tickled by pictures of American weddings that feature papel picado (something I'd not heard of until I entered the Wedding Arena). They're cute and fun and simple but they make you go "Oo! Skilled!" too.

I love the customised ones the best - the idea of having my and BCB's names surrounding kitschy sacred hearts and startled looking doves really, really does it for me. I've found a few places that will do customised papel picado, in differing quantities. Here, or here, say. Or here (an etsy site).

But if you don't need 'em customised, you can get them in Australia! The Lark is now selling papel picado. She has 'love' (red and white) and 'wedding' (all white) papel picado. I'm loving the red and white best... Since most venues in Perth forbid you in no uncertain terms from attaching anything to wall or ceiling (and few have beams that you could tie the string around) I'm thinking these could be strung in front of the bridal table in place of ruched tulle. So long as the tablecloth wasn't white. Pink, maybe?

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