Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More on cake

You know how I was talking about cake that looks like food? I think this cake, covered in toasted coconut thread, achieves that. I like to think that the top of the cake is dead flat white icing though. It'd be even better in tiers, mind.

And I'm liking the almost-smooth-but-not-quite-perfect icing on this poppyseed number. And those cute little blobbets. Meringues? Biscotti kind of thingies?

These both come from the Sweetness website, which is under construction. If you live in NSW, however, the sweets themselves are available already. I'd be looking into them as my caker, if I were not on the isolated side of Australia.

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carina said...

you might be on the isolated side, but its a small world! :) i meet so many people who know Boyup and there are only about 900 people here ?? thanks for entering our giveaway :) we will also be having mothers(in law) day special offers soon :)

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