Saturday, October 2, 2010


Yeah, so my bridezilla moment of madness was deciding to make all the napkins from scratch, in all different fabrics. I ordered eleventy billion Kaffe Fassett fabrics and set to. I did start out trying to manage some kind of colour scheme, but it got too hard, so I just chucked anything I fancied in the shopping basket and waited to see what would be delivered to my doorstep. Pretty, huh? Planning to roll them into rectangles, tied with a luggage label and a few brass bells, as place settings.


krystal said...

lovely fabric...they are going to look fantiastic :)
i suspect that i am going to have a bridezilla moment of my own when i attempt hessian table runners stamped with our initials

Desert Darling said...

I think they will look ace! It will be totally worth the effort because it will be so eyecatching!
I love a random mish mash of colours and prints- it works so well and puts me in such a good mood..

You can't have long to go now??

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