Thursday, October 7, 2010

Imaginary $8k wedding

Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to catch my first ever episode of Four Weddings (the Australian version). And while all the weddings had their goods bits and their not-so-good, the one that really stuck with me was the afternoon tea reception wedding, with a cash bar. The entire wedding was done on an $8000 budget. Now I am certainly not out to lay in to that wedding - it was a lovely idea, and the bride and groom really enjoyed themselves. But I couldn't help but think that $8k could have gone a lot further than party pies in the mid-afternoon.*

So, I'm using my Mad Wedding Planning Skillz to plan two imaginary weddings with different feels, each being for 100 guests, for $8000 (AUD). I started with a budget breakdown I found here:

Wedding Expense
Reception (venue & catering)
Attire & Accessories
Photography / Video
Flowers 10
Ceremony 5
Rings 5
Entertainment 4
Cake 2
Invitations 2
Transportation 2
Miscellaneous 10
Total %

but it needs tweaking. I think 50% on the reception is more like it. Nothing will be spent on transport, or 'entertainment' (what is that, and why is it so pricey?), giving me a little more wiggle room on attire and invitations. Flowers will be scaled right back, but that 10% will probably go towards decorating the reception venue more generally. I think realistically you won't get a celebrant or a church for under $500, so let's call the ceremony 10% of the budget, shall we?

So, let the games begin!

* Of course, I am assuming that one wants something other than party pies in the mid-afternoon. If that's your idea of the perfect shindig, please don't let my posts be interpreted as rain on your parade!


Anonymous said...

I watched it too and couldn't guess where the $8000 went - they must have hired a place with a very hefty fee!

If it were me wanting an afternoon tea, I would find a lovely garden somewhere, with a covered BBQ area and hire that out.

I saw a wedding once where everyone sat on picnic rugs instead of tables and got their own mini devonshire teas to share!

Mel - The Crafty DiY bride said...

I watched it too and I couldn't understand the lack of music, flowers and atmosphere! I agree - it must have been the fee for the venue hire. Nothing else could account for it!

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