Wednesday, October 13, 2010

$8k wedding: Invitations

Now that we have a venue to inform the feel of the wedding, it's time for invites! Print-at-home is your friend. Failing that (or in preference to that, if you want to print on thicker card, or want the colours to look really lush) you take your stuff to a printing centre like KwikCopy. To be honest, I can only make an educated guess about the cost of printing colour papergoods at a print centre, but I am guessing you'd be looking at a couple of hundred dollars to do your invites plus a little more (rsvps, menus or thankyou cards, maybe?).

And etsy is so very much the place to look for your invitations. There are loads of simply stunning options for pdf-downloads to print at home. I think this would be perfect for the retro town hall dance wedding:

And maybe this one for the casual-elegant Italian do?

If either of these are busting the budget, I even found this lovely monogrammed, flourished printable set for $15!


krystal said...

I would love to see your invitations - did the best (wo)man's man end up designing them?

lupinbunny said...

Oh, no, she didn't actually! I found a set that wasn't too girly, and in our pricerange, that we both loved, by HeatherJeany on etsy.

krystal said...

will have a look at the store. i am in the process of looking for ours at the moment and noticed that you like kraft paper...
best wishes for this weekend - hope you and your hubby to be have a wonderful day xo

Kirsty said...

If you are going to print yourself, then make sure you do some trials! We printed on the vellum on the home printer. That was fine.

We also printed RSVP cards on a thicker card, and the ink rubbed off.

The same happened with our 100% recycled and unbleached envelopes when we printed on them!

So...make sure to test your paper and ink combination.

Anonymous said...

If you want a free invite (that is also retro-cute) then check out em papers :) I just bought my engagement invites through her (printables for $15, bargain) but the bicycle built for two freebies are tooooo sweet!

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