Friday, July 23, 2010

Maybe it's not too late for bon-favs?

I just stumbled across an American site called Beau-Coup which stocks all kinds of little party favour bits (wedding and otherwise). Unique ones (no, like actually stuff I haven't seen elsewhere, not 'unique' in the way it gets thrown about these days). Classy ones. That picture above? That's herbal cocktail infusers (add your own liquor and fruit juice). Yum!

And, most importantly, they actually ship to Australia! Well, everything except those gorgeous custom fortune cookies. Which is probably just as well. Because I don't think I could help myself. My other favourite is the personalised biscuit mix.

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Alicepub Wedding Blog said...

Wow, the candy and cakes look beautiful as well as attractive. I really want to taste all of them. Preparing a candy buffet in the wedding reception is a good idea.

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