Saturday, July 17, 2010

Excellent Underthings

Right. Trying to keep this SFW. Yesterday my goal was to find a torsolette thing that was strapless and low-backed and comfortable, to go under my dress. Myer and DJs do not stock such things, it turns out. So I had to try find a speciality store.

Problem with googling 'bridal lingerie' (or even searching the yellow pages), is that the same term is used for the formidable, structural, suck-you-in, lift-you-up, invisible-under-your-dress stuff and also for the (usually really naff) racy honeymoon sets. Eek. Cue memories of Kath & Kim and the episode with the snap-crotch teddies.

To top it off, I hate underwear shopping. I really, really do. Such a hassle.

Anyway, I made a list of potentially suitable places. First on the list was Silk Elegance Lingerie in Leederville. My mama (coming along for moral support) was sceptical. She had seen the storefront before, and thought it looked a little dingy and weird.

Oh man was she wrong. I adore this place. They had a whole wall of bridally undergarments that were both pretty and sculpting. They had a massive range of brands (they import some labels especially). They keep all their white and cream nundies in the same section, so it's easy to pick out a set.

And the staff are extraordinary. They are kind, helpful, patient and make getting your kit off in front of them seem completely normal. They are so careful when it comes to fitting. And they do alterations! Yes! Lingerie alterations! Because they want stuff to fit you perfectly. I cannot recommend them highly enough. We didn't even end up hitting any of the other places on my list. Silk Elegance Lingerie in Leederville. Checkit.


Kirsty said...

Ooh, exciting! You have just reminded me how much I used to love underwear shopping.

I hope that it fits perfectly and you are supported in all the right places :)

luc said...

Thank you, I so need to get on to this and now know where to go! Can I ask a possibly dumb question though? How did you know if it would sit right under your dress? Did you actually take your dress in there and try on the underwear with the dress or just buy the underwear and take it home then bring it back if it's not right for the dress?

lupinbunny said...

I bought it, and took it home to check it out. Because my dress is very low-backed the corset-thing I got had to be altered so the back was lower.

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