Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vintage wedding gowns

I'm adoring some of the gowns available at Timeless Vintage Vixen on etsy. The one above is my absolute, absolute favourite. That chiffon around the neckline turns into these great sweeping drapes at the back that imply 'train' without actually dragging on the ground. Tres cool. Unfortunately, it's miles too huge for me, to the point where I'm not sure it could be taken in without reconstructing the whole dress.

I also think there's a sweet charm about this dress, and I don't normally go for flapper-style dresses. I think it's bold metallic floral.


anna and the ring said...

Oh Timeless Vixen. Heaven.

I really, really want the lilac cape on the site at the moment!

Louise said...

I just bought my wedding dress from Timeless Vixen. I am so so happy with it. I think it is going to look truly unique.
I did a post on them over at my blog too:

hatjunkie said...

Oooh, that first dress is quite beautiful. Would be fun to just wear even without the wedding.

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