Monday, June 15, 2009

I heart kraft paper

From Twig&Fig, via RitzyBee

These invites were apparently inspired by the film Juno. While I query letting a comedy about teen pregnancy dictate your wedding styling, I adore the results. Like, loads. I'm all about the kraft paper and hand-lettering right now.

I haven't really noticed an Australian letterpresses doing much in the way of really interesting typography - they seem to concentrate mostly on graphic elements. I wonder if this is a customer-driven thing, or a personal thing?


Anonymous said...

I love these as well!! there is something so sweet about hand drawn invitations..

I drew up a really rough draft using a texta, on the back of a electricity bill last week, just to play with the layout and the wording etc, and it looked quite cute in a daggy amaturish way.. am tempted to just photocopy 100 of those

Anonymous said...

oh yes and in response to your question Id guess its most likely demand-driven.
the Perth factor

A Little Birdie said...

Yep, big thumbs up to kraft paper!

In regards to typographic designs, I'd say it's definitely a customer-driven thing!

If you approached a graphic designer and asked them to create a typographic design for your invitations I'd say they'd be chafing at the bit to do it! It's not often a request like that comes along from a wedding client :)

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