Thursday, August 25, 2011


As ever, these beautiful photos are copyright to Filip Welna.

We did something a little unusual when it came to wedding flowers, and it worked out so well for us that I thought I'd share it. When we met with the florist, I had a few black and white printouts of the kind of bouquet shape I liked. I liked things with lots of texture and variation. But I didn't know what flowers I wanted. I felt like Willetton Wedding Flowers really got the feel I was going for anyway, so we booked them.

Later, I sent them a fabric swatch and some paint chips of the kinds of colours I liked, and I sent them a long, long list of Flowers I Like and Flowers I Don't Like. I sent these massive long lists because I figured it would give them more to choose from depending on what was in season. And beyond that, the bouquets were up to the florist.

To my surprise, they used nearly every flower on my 'like' list. I had kangaroo paw, geraldton wax and succulents. Roses, orchids and anthirriums. Rosemary, ferns and ranunculas. Dusty miller and cherry blossoms. Every time I looked at my bouquet I found something new. They were the most beautiful bouquets ever. And no two buttonholes/ corsages were the same.I strongly recommend giving your florist some creative freedom.

The only thing I would do differently, if I were to do it again, would be more aware of the cheap white plastic holders that are used on cascading bouquets. Had I been aware that they were going to use one, I would have hit up etsy for a vintage silver bouquet holder (such things exist), or provided some really nice velvet ribbon to hot-glue around the handle. Just a thought. If cascading is what you're thinking.

Oh, and another tip? If you use succulents in your bouquet, you can plant them afterwards and they'll grow! Pretty cool huh?

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