Saturday, September 4, 2010


So... did I post about the cake palaver? I don't think so. Suffice to say, I was horrified at the price of wedding cakes, and decided to just get some 'regular' iced white cakes from a fabulous bakery (at a quarter of the price, no joke). But then I decided to spend part of the money saved on the coolest cake toppers in the entire world. Mm-hm. From Urastarhouse. And here they are! Ta-da! Don't we look grand? I love the idea of having these little mini-us figurines to keep. And yes, those are our fur-kids sitting on our heads (it's okay, they'll just sit next to us on the cake).

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Abby said...

yeah wedding cakes are ridiculous!
we were going with a cupcake tier, and that was going to cost us nearly $400.00!!
so then we found another cupcake place that is only going to cost us $200.00!

the little cake toppers are delightful, love that you are featuring your furry babies!


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