Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wedding stuff while on holiday

So. BCB and I are in San Franscisco right now. We went to Borders last night and I reveled in the fact that Martha Stewart Weddings magazine is $6, instead of $15. It feels a little odd looking at the ads and knowing I could actually go to the stores they advertise, if I wanted. There was also a magazine called New York Bride (or possible New York Weddings, I forget). Obviously much of it is location-specific, but the style/ feel was very much me. In fact, their invitations spread featured my second favourite invitation choice.

Sadly, the bridal departments of Saks and Nieman Marcus both closed late last year (a result of the GFC, I guess?) I am intending to check out Glamour Closet, which sells ex-sample gowns. But that's the full extent of intended bridal shopping.

We have, however, stumbled on some amazing art galleries in the area. Just before we left Perth, BCB and I booked our wedding photographer, who turned out to be about half the price we budgeted. "Hoorah for under-budget us!" we foolishly thought to ourselves... now we're trying to decide if we can blow the extent of that saving on some art for us. Like, a wedding present to ourselves, right?

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WestAussieWedding said...

Holey Moley. Your dress. Amazing.

I am soo glad you let me know because its the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time! I can only imagine how excited you must be to find such a unique, interesting and elegant gown at such a good price!! Well done you!
You are going to look absolutely unreal!

(I have also done some OMGing over at my blog in reply to your comment.. but then thought you more likely to read it here and I figure a dress such as yours deserves double the love :)


PS. Im very interested to hear more about SanFran and any tips/advice you might have as that is where we flying in and out of for our honeymoon!

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